Small to Large Package Sizes
Marathon Express regularly transports a diverse variety of items expediently and efficiently. Our people and equipment can handle a package sizes from enve-lopes and parcels to mat-erials bundled on pallets. Oversize objects that com-mon carriers cannot handle are frequently transported to the airport or final destination. Learn more

 Large Packages

Large Vehicle Fleet Marathon Express owns and operates a large, diverse fleet of vehicles that is readily available to quickly pick up items and efficiently transport them to their destination. They are cap-able of handling the wide variety of deliveries made each day. From cars and panel vans to large covered trucks, each vehicle is specialized and equipped to carry particular items, ensuring that all items are carefully trans-ported. All vehicles are company-owned and well-maintained using a computerized main-tenance schedule program, thus ensuring the high reliability required to pro-vide on-time deliveries.

Marathon Express is a full-service same-day courier and freight delivery company that has been providing door-to-door same-day delivery services since 1969. We are a leading metro carrier in the San Francisco Bay Area, directly serving 16 counties in Northern California, providing deliveries throughout California and across the U.S. and Canada through our Quality Partner Program and Air-Courier Program.

People Who Care
At Marathon Express people who care about customers and work to make a difference. Our friendly customer service staff is there to arrange the best delivery service that matches your needs at the lowest available price. Professional, uniformed drivers ensure that your items are carefully handled and promptly delivered to the intended destination. Logistics Consultants work closely with customers to understand their requirements and find creative and effective solutions that save money.

We also have many "behind the scenes" people who care and strive for excellence. Our schedulers and dispatchers, logistics coordinators, industry specialists, warehouse people, invoicing and accounts payable personnel, vehicle maintenance staff, and other people all care about your items and work together to create a high-level delivery service.

An Historical Perspective
On September 4th, 490 BCE a nameless Greek Army messenger ran 22 miles from the city of Marathon to Athens. The rugged road he traversed wound though mountainous terrain under a scorching late-summer sun. Short of breath, he delivered critical news to the leaders of Greece's largest city: The large invading Persian Army had been defeated in a long, enduring battle. From this crucial day the Greek civilization flourished, greatly influencing the Romans, the Renaissance, and our society today.

The Battle of Marathon is thought to be the single most important in Greek history, perhaps in Western history. Under King Darius I, Persia controlled most of the known world, from Asia Minor to Egypt. Had the Athenians lost, Persia would have controlled Greece, and the subsequent culture and accomplishments of Classical Greece - the arts, architecture, science, philosophy, and democracy to name a few - would probably not have developed as they did.

About Marathon Express™
The images of today's fast Marathon race runner and the urgency the original Marathon messenger had in delivering the news to the leaders of Athens are firmly anchored in the mission of Marathon Express:
To reliably connect people in business and government organizations with urgency and expediency to help ensure their success.

We Strive To Be Helpful Courteous Efficient
How Are On-Time Deliveries Achieved?
The people at Marathon Express understand that getting your items from point A to point B on time is of utmost importance. We share your concern and have engineered a highly reliable delivery system with a goal of achieving 99.9% on-time deliveries. Our logistics engineers say we can't control all the factors, but we can mitigate them with planning & intelligent system design.
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Advanced Technology
Marathon Express embraces technology to provide a high quality of service to customers. Sophisticated dispatching and routing software, Internet dispatching using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), satellite tracking using GPS (Global Positioning System), and two-way radio contact between our Dispatch Center and drivers using iDEN digital cellular communications technology all work together to ensure deliveries are consistently made on time.
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