Money-Saving Tips:
Calling Marathon Express early to pre-schedule your delivery can save you money. Our Customer Service Representatives will help you to get the lowest price available for the delivery service you need.
• Schedule your pick-up time as early in the day as possible.
• Try to have the widest possible delivery-time window.
• Next-flight out services require pre-qualification. Contact your Marathon Express Customer Service Representative early and request to be a qualified air shipper.
Marathon Express has lower prices than national couriers like FedEx and UPS for same-day and next-day deliveries within the direct service area shown in the map.
Use the Service-Value Checklist to help get the highest value from your delivery service by determining what's important to you and what isn't.
Marathon Express will deliver one or several packages for the same price. However, be sure to tell the Marathon Express Customer Service Representatives the correct size and weight of your package and number of packages. This will avoid any delays by ensuring that the right vehicle and equipment arrives at the pick-up location and is capable of carrying your entire shipment.
You can avoid additional waiting-time and missed-delivery costs.
• Have that your package ready to go before the delivery person arrives.
• Coordinate with the recipient at the delivery destination to be there during the delivery time window.
• When delivering to a large office, write the recipient’s name and phone number on the package to ensure it goes to the intended person.
Be sure to tell the Marathon Express Customer Service Representatives about any special handling requirements for your items being delivered. Marathon Express will take appropriate actions to ensure that your items arrive in good condition.
How Are On-Time Deliveries Achieved? The people at Marathon Express understand that getting your items from point A to point B on time is of utmost importance. We share your concern and have engineered a highly reliable delivery system with a goal of achieving 99.9% on-time deliveries. Our logistics engineers say we can't control all the factors, but we can mitigate them with planning and intelligent system design. Learn more
Many fine restaurants are as proud of their kitchen as they are of their food and open their kitchens for inspection. Likewise, your same-day delivery company should be equally proud of what goes on behind their doors as they are of the services provided.
Here are some considerations when inspecting your same-day delivery company:
Quality service depends on reliable people providing it. Quality can be managed by training and rewarding employees. Does your delivery company sacrifice quality by primarily using independent couriers?
Services Available
Choice allows our needs to be more closely matched to a budget. More choice can provide higher value. Does your delivery company offer a wide choice of services to closely meet your needs?
On-time deliveries depend on reliable vehicles. Vehicles should be clean and well-maintained. Does your delivery company cut costs by using driver's personal vehicles?
Delivery System
The delivery system links the pieces together to provide the service. Quality-control processes ensure a consistently high level of service. Does your delivery company's on-time performance meet your expectations?
Delivery Company
The delivery company is there to serve you. Are the operator's systems flexible? Are the people from your delivery company helpful, working to meet your needs?

Services For Your Needs
Freight (LTL)
Small to Large Package Sizes
Marathon Express regularly transports a diverse variety of items expediently and efficiently. Our people and equipment can handle a package sizes from envelopes and parcels to materials bundled on pallets. Oversize objects that common carriers cannot handle are frequently transported to the airport or final destination. Learn more

 Large Packages

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