Customer Testimonials:
We depend on you for timely pickup and delivery and you never let us down. - a national hairstyling corporation (customer since 1988)
Your prices are very competitive and your service is unmatched. - a printing company
We appreciate the professionalism and courteousness of …Marathon Express. - a municipal service company (customer since 1983)
You deliver numerous packages for us, …your services have always been on time. - a major bank corporation (customer since 1990)
…excellent service and shown a true commitment to good business ethics. - a large attorney firm
This is a professional and customer service orientated company… - a national insurance company (customer since 1991)
In this past year over 1.2 million items were moved… without a single reported lost item. - a county agency (customer since 1991)
The daily pick-up and delivery… is consistent and always on time. - a Fortune 100 manufacturing company (customer since 1986)
Marathon Express has given our company excellent service… - a global restaurant chain
We wholeheartedly endorse your company… [as] the best delivery business in town. - a national hairstyling corporation (customer since 1988)
…punctual and reliable to deliver specimens and important documentation… - a medical service company (customer since 1993)
I have never worked with a courier as accommodating and friendly as your company. - a printing company (customer since 1993
Your response time is amazingly fast, even with last-minute requests… - a CPA firm (customer since 1992)
The service has been without problems. - a major construction company (customer since 1992)
Marathon Express has always been extremely dependable and trustworthy… - a national brokerage firm
…service has been excellent and professional… dependable on a daily basis. - a government agency (customer since 1987)
Marathon Express has… pleasant and courteous employees. - a county organization (customer since 1988)
How Are On-Time Deliveries Achieved?
The people at Marathon Express understand that getting your items from point A to point B on time is of utmost importance. We share your concern and have engineered a highly reliable delivery system with a goal of achieving 99.9% on-time deliveries. Our logistics engineers say we can't control all the factors, but we can mitigate them with planning & intelligent system design.

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Marathon Express is a full-service same-day courier and freight delivery company that has been providing door-to-door same-day delivery services since 1969. We are a leading metro carrier in the San Francisco Bay Area, directly serving 15 counties in Northern California, providing deliveries throughout California and across the U.S. and Canada through our Quality Partner Program and Air-Courier Program.

Why Choose Marathon Express™?
High on-time delivery record
Careful package handling
Save money choosing from a wide selection of services
Save time with friendly and helpful staff
Reflect the positive image of your organization by using a professionally-run delivery company
The Mission of Marathon Express™:
To reliably connect people in business and government organizations with urgency and expediency to help ensure their success.
We Strive To Be

Money-Saving Tip:
Watch for this icon throughout this website for tips on how you can save money and time on your same-day deliveries. Click here for more suggestions to help get your money’s worth on same-day deliveries.


Small to Large Package Sizes
Marathon Express regularly transports a diverse variety of items expediently and efficiently. Our people and equipment can handle a package sizes from envelopes and parcels to materials bundled on pallets. Oversize objects that common carriers cannot handle are frequently transported to the airport or final destination. Learn more

 Large Packages

Advanced Technology
Marathon Express embraces technology to provide a high quality of service to customers. Sophisticated dispatching and routing software, Internet dispatching using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), satellite tracking using GPS (Global Positioning System), and two-way radio contact between our Dispatch Center and drivers using iDEN digital cellular communications technology all work together to ensure deliveries are consistently made on time.

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